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Environmental Commitment

With the construction sector being such a large contributor of waste in our community, we see a great need to change the accepted standards of waste management on construction sites. Our environmental policy states our goals and process to attain excellence in site waste management. All of our sites employ an in house managed recycling sorting method. Where possible, we also endeavor to reuse or re purpose non recyclables, thus further reducing our carbon footprint and levels of consumption.

The future of our families and our place on the planet also keeps us busy in our spare time as we regularly host and take part in a number of ecologically focused activities. From community based planting initiatives, predator/pest control and trapping as well as craft/joinery days utilising our skills, tools and recycled materials from our sites to create lovingly crafted joinery with our friends and clients. As a team, we are genuinely motivated to make a difference towards building a better future.


We invite and encourage our clients to get involved also, so as to offset some of their projects carbon and to mingle with the team, fostering the relationship that is critical to a successful project.

Our latest initiative has seen team members surveying and sampling across thousands of hectares of conservation estate, then installing and running bait-lines for predatory wasp control targeting several ecologically and recreationally important areas. We are committed to maintaining and expanding upon these efforts in the near future.

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